The Power of play therapy

The Power of Play Therapy

As parents, we usually understand our kids by watching them play and their activities. This is how we get to know about the difficulties they are facing. There are some times when things are not going well with them, they start behaving weirdly with others and don’t feel the urge to perform their daily activities. This can be very upsetting for the parents and can contribute to feelings of uncertainty and discouragement.

Have you heard of play therapy? One of the best and most effective methods to help kids with emotional and behavioral problem is play therapy. Play therapy is basically considered as a psychotherapeutic treatment, particularly developed to help kids aged between 3-12 years.

This particular treatment involves a therapist working with a child in order to help him/her explore and resolve issues through the therapeutic use of play. This is when the child and therapist work together in a counseling room, perfectly equipped with some chosen toys to encourage the safe expression of feeling and support the development of healthy behavior.

Benefits of play therapy

Here we’ll let you know about some of the amazing benefits that your child will enjoy while going through the therapy.

Provides a Health Relief

Play therapy is the best platform for kids in distress. The therapy gives them the much-needed break. Parents should ensure that their child takes proper break for at least some time.

Allowing the child play will definitely help them come out of their distress and will prevent them to dwell on the problem. You can coordinate with the school to ensure that your child gets enough break time.

Keeps them connected

Children who seek social support are more resilient than those who are not socially active. Parents should always encourage the kids to be friend with others. The play time will help the little ones meet other kids and play with outdoor play equipments as well. This will definitely keep them connected with their friends.

Good memories

The most important part of play therapy is that children will have a stock of pleasant memories. Each memory will capture a page in their life, no matter how many tough times come. These snippets of joy will be their store house of strength for sure.

Gives them a strong body

Engaging the little ones in active play will deliver many health benefits which includes healthy and stable weight; preventing obesity, less chances of developing chronic diseases, and better posture. Activity play will bring less stress and anxiety, improve creativity and encourage self-confidence.

A proper play therapy not only makes children physically and mentally strong but also encourages them to learn a few skills in real life like relaxing, interacting and communicating with others. Besides consulting with a play therapist, parents should be aware of few things like their behavior, the playground equipment they are using, friends with whom they are mixing and much more.


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