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We offer a range of innovative and world class play equipments across various categories. Each of our play equipments is designed to meet the play and growth needs of children of different age groups.

After Sales Service

It is our constant endeavour to maintain a healthy & fruitful relationship with our clients. Our dedicated Customer Service department regularly follows up with you to ensure proper functioning of our play equipments. Our expert Maintenance Team comprised of trained engineers is available for regular upkeep of the play space.

Suggestions for building a play space

  1. Location: A suitable location must be chosen. Future users can be consulted and an overall budget must be worked out. Things like equipment, installation costs, safety surfacing, furniture, landscaping, consulting, etc. must be kept in mind.
  2. Consult your Replay representative: Our representative will guide and advise you an all aspects of creating your play space.
  3. Age Group Segregation: Select play equipments that will serve toddlers, youngsters and teenagers. The play space may be divided into i.) ground level activities, ii.) elevated level activities, and iii.) multi level activities. Also keep in mind adults who accompany children as well as wheelchair access.
  4. Equipment durability: Select equipments made with the toughest materials, especially in sensitive / high use zones.
  5. Play Space Theme: Plan a theme for the playground. You could either have a colour theme for all equipments, or each equipment in a different colour for a more dynamic look. You could alos choose a theme according to age group. For example, cartoon theme for 1-5 year olds, jungle theme for 4-10 years old, and so on.
  6. Fun & attractive: You could choose and modify a play structure from our 200+ offerings to make your play space more appealing to children.
  7. Friendly & sociable: Provide comfortable seating arrangements, flower planters and dustbins. Maintain at least 1.5 m of space between equipments for kids to move freely. Additionally, rubber flooring adds to the safety.
  8. Architectural set up: Hire an expert architect for landscaping and other site work. Provide access paths between different zones, fencing, trees, etc.

We offer you a free of cost end to end proposal for your play space requirements with 3D visualizations and site plans along with a detailed quotation.


replay india

Replay Consultancy

We offer consultancy services to plan your entire play space for you. Our consultant team is comprised of expert 3D designers and business stakeholders. We provide services such as design, supervision, execution, repair, operation, maintenance, technology, drawings and specifications for various spaces such as residential projects, schools, malls, hospitals, resorts, parks, etc.

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