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(EPDM) Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer Material

Replay offers EDPM surface flooring for the little ones to make their playgrounds safe and secured. Its state-of-art technology helps in absorption, and reduces the risk of permanent injury by cushioning the fall. It means that your child will never fall victim to hazardous and unsafe playgrounds, resulting in severe injuries.

Falling isn’t the only thing that could potentially become fatal to your children on the playground. Hygiene goes a long way too. That’s why our playground flooring surfaces are easy-to-clean and maintain, and are completely weather-resistant. Our playground surfaces can be ready for use soon after a heavy rain, and do not hold contaminants such as animal waste, glass pieces, wood chips, nails, or any other substances harmful to children. Replay’s sand playground surfaces are updated with safety standards, which reduce severe injuries.

Our surface flooring products are developed with care and expertise, so that your children will be safe, always. There are three products by UIS in this category covering Play Top imported flooring, Premium flooring, and budget offering as listed below;

Product 2 layered, water permeable all-weather surface made of structural sprayed polyurethane layer on an in-situ polyurethane bonded rubber granulate Sub-base.
Thickness 25 mm (19mm SBR Base Layer + 6mm Top with EPDM Granules)
Colour Multi colour from our colour bank.
Area 1 sq. mtr. (10.76 sq. ft.)

Advantages of EPDM Top :

  • Longer product life.
  • Better UV resistance.
  • Even if there is wear and tear of the top layer, the original colours will remain the same

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