Preschool Activities for Specially-Abled Kids

5 Preschool Activities for Children with Special Needs

Preschool is the foundation that helps kids acquire knowledge about basic things like how to interact with others, how to listen, how to behave and much more. These are the valuable skills needed for succeeding not only in real school but also in life. For kids with special needs, there are several pre-school activities that work well to keep them engaged, focused and actively learning.

Here we have summed up a list that will let you know about some of the amazing preschool activities.

Light Boxes

A light box is fun and amazing for kids as it helps to increase the attention span. Kids can spend hours with a light box, create illuminated patterns and pictures with the colored transparent shapes. This works great in home as well as in classroom. Ensure you have plenty of brightly colored transparent items like decorating rocks, colored salt, plastic blocks and much more.

Sensory Tables

Sensory tables offer a wide range of benefits for kids with special needs. Engaging in different kind of sensory activities like running fingers through dried rice or pouring water can distract a child who is feeling over anxious. This promotes self-discovery and also encourages a kid to explore new textures which supports both social and emotional development. To promote their hand-eye coordination, offer different textures like dried beans, cotton balls, etc. This gives your child the opportunity to pinch, grasp, and improve their motor skills.

Outdoor play time

Outdoor play is important for kids as that what motivates them and keeps them engaged. Parents should always encourage their little ones to play outdoor games. These days, parents can even choose from the wide collection of handicap play equipments, available to serve the little ones with complete safety. Playing with equipments like hula hoops and balls is good enough to improve their gross motor skills.

Musical Time

Music relieves our stress and anxiety. Music time is utmost beneficial for the little ones who are non-verbal. For them, music serves as a way to communicate with their loved ones. Providing kids with instruments like egg shakers, bells, etc is an amazing way to make them feel good. Encourage them to make noise with those instruments and let them move their bodies, as well.


Yoga is the best practice to balance body and mind. Kids can benefit from it. This is how they can learn to be patient and regulate their activities in a better way. It also helps to build self-awareness of body and mind.

So, these were some of the fun-filled preschool activities for kids that you could arrange for at your home. Ensure you choose the right activity for your little one and help them explore much more.


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