• Brand Brochure Final.cdr Parking Area
    • Brand Brochure Final.cdr Office Building
    • Brand Brochure Final.cdr Garden & Open Space
    • Brand Brochure Final.cdr Water tank
    • Brand Brochure Final.cdr R & D Department


    • Brand Brochure Final.cdr Training Hall & Canteen
    • Brand Brochure Final.cdr Store Section
    • Brand Brochure Final.cdr Fabrication Section
    • Brand Brochure Final.cdr Sheet Metal Section
    • Brand Brochure Final.cdr Plastic Molding Section


    • Timber Section Timber Section
    • Painting / Finishing Section Painting / Finishing Section
    • Assembly Section Assembly Section
    • Packing & Dispatch Section Packing & Dispatch Section
    • Worker Cottage Worker Cottage


World-class infrastructure to create cutting-edge play environments

At Replay, we have invested in creating world-class infrastructure to manufacture a complete range of play equipments in-house. A rigorous end-to-end manufacturing, fabrication and installation process is in place. Our equipments are created with special machines imported from Germany and only the finest raw materials, dyes, etc. are used. Each play equipment is designed to give you years of usage without colour fading, damage or any other safety concerns.

Design Cell

Our in-house concept and design team brings alive the most stimulating concepts for play environments for children. The design team is supported by equipment engineering, materials and fabrications team to create pathbreaking designs.

Pioneering Design For The Disabled

Continuing with our belief that playing is every child’s right, we have pioneered the design of special play equipments for disabled children. These equipments create an equal opportunity for the disabled child to have a fun time.

Process Map

Custom Design

Our design team is comprised of play space designers and graphic artists, led by an expert landscape architect. We visit your site and get a thorough understanding of your requirements, based on which we present comprehensive proposals and designs.

Choice of Colours

We present a detailed colour scheme for the play space that is best suited to the project based on various factors such as surroundings, age group, as well as the way colours psychologically affect humans. We use high quality UV grade PU paint and powder coating for colouring play equipments.

Raw Materials

Once design and colours are finalized, we procure raw materials for construction of play equipments. We use high quality materials for making equipments which include LLDPE (linear low density poly-ethelyn) roto moulding powder, GI Pipe, CR sheets and FRP (fibre reinforced plastic).


The play equipments start taking shape in the moulding stage. We use state of the art roto moulding machine which offers smooth and highly detailed finishing for the smallest of components.


Moulded components are then put together to create the final product. Fabrication is done with high precision and an eye for detail.


Each component and finishing is checked and rechecked, and required final touches are applied to ensure the product meets all requirements. We ensure each product meets the quality standards we have set for ourselves.


Finally, the equipments are carefully packed and prepared to be shipped. Packaging is done to ensure utmost safety of the equipments in transit.


Our installation engineers will visit your site within 2 days of delivery. The installation team is comprised of engineers from varied backgrounds such as Landscape Architecture, Civil and Mechanical Engineering with experience of over a decade.

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