Playground slide 

Playground slide 

Replay India is one of the best playground manufacturers in India. Founded in 1992 and since then replay India has evolved and developed in so many ways that they have made a remark on every kid that has used the equipment for once.

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What is the function of the playground slide 


Replay India provides a lot of equipment but one of the best equipment is the playground slide. Playground slides are slides for children to play in the playgrounds or gardens. The child climbs up the stairs, sits down at the top of the slide and then slides all the way down to have their happiest journey for the seconds but it remains in the heart forever .  Generally for slides the length is about double the deck height it is made to fit. For example, a slide that is meant for a 5 ft deck height will be approximately 10 ft long.


Benefit of playground slide 


The playground equipment is important for childhood as it develops an athleticism within the kid.But it is also important to understand which equipment develops which part of the body. Replay India helps you in understand all this technical stuff in easiest manner that’s why Replay india also helps you to assemble all the equipment very smartly. Replay india usually check out the location first and then they plan the order of equipment accordingly which helps to children spend more time in playground without actually getting bore and enjoying to the fullest.


Why do children love slide 


The playground slide plays an important role in kids. slides help in children’s balance, psychomotricity, coordination and reflexes. It also helps in developing the vestibular system. In short you can say that Playground slide helps in the overall growth of a child.


How do slides helps as child’s development  


have you wondered what’s so good about playground slides that children never get bored of it? And the answer is really simple : Children Love the Thrill and Fun .If you ever noticed in any playground the most used equipment would be slides, they are never empty because slides give the actual thriller and fun to the kids which is unforgettable. Slides are the perfect mixture of funny and healthy.So if you ever take your kids to the playground make sure to introduce them to the slide once and don’t forget to contact Replay India for installing such equipment in our playground or park.


So this is all about the slides and little intro about how Replay India is playing their part to make a remark on the world. We would like you to tell us about your experience and your reviews on the slides and other playground equipment. review us [email protected]



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