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Replay: Committed to world-class play environments

Founded in 1992, Replay (A brand of Raj Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading innovation and design driven playground equipment manufacturer in India.

We offer a complete range of play equipments that cater the needs of a wide spectrum of clients across India.

As a renowned playground equipment supplier, Replay has built the capability to meet the most stringent production targets in stipulated time frames.

We ensure our products reflect the best in quality, features, and colors making school-goers happier.

Our Playground Equipment Products

Outdoor Play Equipment

Our play equipments for outdoor spaces are designed to give a physically and mentally stimulating experience to children. The physicality of the tasks on our equipments gives children a sense of achievement, which helps in shaping a mindset for success.

Indoor Play Equipment

Our range of indoor play equipments are designed for safety at play, while enabling children to stay active, socialize and grow. Various other aspects such as low noise, minimal disturbance are given due consideration while designing indoor play equipments.

Teenage Play Equipment

We offer a range of play equipments that allow teenagers to stay physically active. These equipments enable them to test their strength and endurance in a playful environment.

Specially-abled Playground Equipment

At Replay, we believe every child has the right to play and grow. Which is why, we offer specially designed play equipments that cater to the needs of differently abled children.

Multi Activity Play Series

Parks are the pride and joy of every community where innocence digs in simple joy of play. It is a retreat for families and that is why Replay believes in designing it with impact. Our design excites our kids; be it our sky-scraping Mega Tower structures or freestanding play equipment, there is something for every child of every age.

Sensory Park Ball Pool

Children Play Equipment

At Replay India, we believe every child has a right to play, grow and develop for a brighter future. Specially abled children face and fight challenges as a struggle for survival. Colorful, attractive and specially designed equipments by Replay India, gives these kids freedom to play.

Junior Kids Play

Junior Kids Play

HDPE or High Density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic sheet with multiple colored layers which we employ in our colorful and attractive play equipment. All our HDPE designs have added advantage of being lasting other than eye-catching and safe for children to play with.

Adventure multi activity play system

Adventure Climber

Replay believes that active and positively challenged children are healthy and happy children. Adventure climbers are a great way to get kids outside to have fun and exert their bodies and minds. One of our expertise lies in adventure playground equipment, specifically climbers, that are the most engaging and stimulating play tool for all age groups.

Our products cater to all age groups with
different design approach for different needs

Age 2-5

Designed to suit the play requirements of infants, these play equipments appeal to the sensory organs and stimulate hand-eye coordination.

Age 5-10

Our design and material aesthetics make play inviting for pre-school. Safety and activity are in-built in design.

Age 10-12

Our play systems are designed for the growing activity needs that enable children to explore new ways to play and engage as groups.

Age 12-16

More energy, activity and engagement is enabled through our play systems for these highly adventurous and agile years.

World-class infrastructure to
create cutting-edge play environments

Parks are the pride and joy of every community where innocence digs in simple joy of play. It is a retreat for families and that is why Replay believes in designing it with impact.

At Replay, we have invested in creating world-class infrastructure to manufacture a complete range of play equipments in-house. A rigorous end-to-end manufacturing, fabrication and installation process is in place. Our equipments are created with special machines imported from Germany and only the finest raw materials, dyes, etc. are used. Each play equipment is designed to give you years to usage without colour fading, damage or any other safety concerns.

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