Trick to Help You Choose the Best Rubber Playground Surface

Trick to Help You Choose the Best Rubber Playground Surface

Playgrounds & parks are the most favorite amongst children of every age. It is a place where kids have their moments of happiness, while they meet other children of their age, play together and have fun to the fullest. But from a safety perspective, playgrounds appear to be a place designed for injuries because of falling on hard & rough surfaces.
Be it public parks or a play area in the backyard. To make playgrounds a safer zone for children the most effective way is to pick and install the most appropriate playground surface. Improved safety standards that work on removal of risky play equipment have got a drop in the percentage of playground injuries. To make this drop even more significant and reduce the impact of catastrophic injuries it is vital to go for children safety surface flooring. There are various options like wooden chips, sand, rubber flooring etc. available in the market but rubber flooring is the most economical and recommended of all.

Safety surface flooring again is an investment and demands longevity and durability just like play equipment in the parks. To make a wise decision of picking up the best and most suitable, we have a few pre-defined characteristics mentioned that can make your job simpler.

Tips for Picking Up the Best Rubber Playground for Children Safety

Height of play equipment

Dimensions like thickness & depth of the mulch are determining factors that cannot be neglected.

Playground area

Larger the playground, one must spend more in covering the surface. Cost per square feet can make a significant difference and drastically change figures spent by the buyer.


Budget is another important aspect that cannot be overlooked. Rubber mulch is a material low on cost but requires the periodic look up and repairs. Another suitable option is rubber tiles, they will appear expensive initially but are along lasting option that comes with were little maintenance & will be light in the pocket in the long run.

Climatic Condition

Climate and weather conditions play an important role in determining children safety surface. Rubber mulch does not float but still has a higher chance of getting washed away due to loose consistency. Rubber tiles, on the other hand, stay firm and are better at handling the elements.

Surface Underneath the Playground

Uneven surfaces are not apt for placing a rubber flooring. So, it is important to get it leveled and masked before installation. Rubber tiles fit best if they are laid over cement or asphalt surfaces.


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