Trends for parks & playgrounds in 2017

Trends for parks & playgrounds in 2017

Few years back, playgrounds were different in terms of design, development and the overall set-up! Frankly speaking, nothing seems to be organized and well thought-out before. These days, the scenario has drastically changed. With everything getting organized and structured, playgrounds and parks are not an exception, anymore. Designing a proper playground or recreation center involves loads of planning and preparations.

With the approach of New Year, you must be excited to know about the trends for parks and playgrounds to rule in 201! Hold on guys!
We are here to reveal the major trends that we anticipate will gain more attention in the coming years!
Each trend seems to be long-lasting and will definitely create a huge impact upon the visitors and the environment, as well.

Safe In Terms Of Design

Parks and playgrounds in urban areas often become the hub for brutal activities like vandalism, drug peddling, etc. There are certain design considerations that needs to be focused on in order to deter criminal behavior in both residential and urban areas.
You must have heard of crime prevention through environmental design? Originally coined in the 1960s, the concept gained popularity after it got accepted by law enforcement in the late 90s. CPTED has six strategies to restrict the opportunity for crime.

• Natural surveillance: Improves visibility of offenders in order to deter criminal activities.
• Territorial Reinforcement: Promotes social control over the space by making visitors feel safe and in challenging any intruders. This can be done by increasing the definition of spaces, through placement of buildings, fences, and landscaping to communicate an active presence.
• Maintenance; You need to express the ownership of property or land in order to deter criminal activities.
• Access control: Restrict access or control the flow of people to limit the opportunity of crime.
• Activity support: Make efforts to increase users in an area in order to discourage potential offenders.
• Target hardening: When required, use physical barriers to limit access to a specific area. This includes motion lights, alarm clocks, gates and even security officers.

Equitable Access

Allowing equitable access encourages communities to fulfill their potential and also improve the surrounding ambience. Nowadays, there is a vast discrepancy in access to quality parks based on demographic, geographic and social factors. It’s recommended that for every 1000 residents, there should be at least three acres of parks available. This will also help in making the environment better!

Playground Equipments

Though designing and development play a crucial role in making playground safe and user-friendly, choosing the right playground equipment is important indeed. Consulting with a reliable playground equipment manufacturer can help you with this. Having the right products installed can help the little ones prosper better.


No matter what, walking should always be given priority. Overseeing parks and playgrounds should make it safe and easy for people to walk. It is actually important to take a look at walkability from different neighborhoods, allowing equitable access to green space for minority communities. In order to promote walkability, you must go beyond improving the design. Creating policies that support people to get active will let you attract visitors and boost the atmosphere’s positive image.

Appealing to Millennial

You should be clear about the fact that “everyone” is not your target audience. The four main groups of people to consider when designing a playground or park are millennial, athletes, families, and seniors. Kids are mostly seen in playgrounds and thus, you should pay close attention to them. In future, they will become the decision makers, gatekeepers, and influencers.
Referring to the following points, this is to clarify that 2017 will surely be a turning point to start rethinking about the design of parks and playgrounds. Consider these trends as fuel for your future.


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