The playground adjacent to the administration building for the Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202.

Tips on Making School Playgrounds Violence-Free

School plays a vital role in shaping the way our kids act and behave. This is the place from where our kids acquire knowledge and execute them, as per their convenience. Henceforth, it is essential for the parents to ensure that the school playground is safe for the little ones.
You must be aware of the fact that kids are often bullied in schools and sometimes it gets difficult to tackle the situation. Kids who are bullied or harmed often experience depression.
Parents can help with this issue! They need to execute a few tactics in order to help their little ones overcome the situation.

  • Start with your home playground. Ensure that the home playground is free from bullying and cruel activities like fighting, arguing and all. In most cases, bullied children from home are the one involved in school bullying activities.
  • Choosing the right playground equipment matters a lot. Don’t let your little one play with something that can hurt their actions. Consult with a playground equipment manufacturer for better help.
  • It is necessary to teach them the real meaning of school violence. Let them know what bullying is all about and what can be the consequences so that they can respond accordingly. Teach them how to handle such situations and encourage them to intervene as an advocate and prevent bullying. If needed, they should call their teachers immediately in order to come out of the scenario.
  • Parents should stop calling or addressing their kids “victim”. This could harm or create problem in the future. Such labels can truly affect the way they perform.
  • Bullied students feel a bit disturbed and annoyed. The best way to tackle such situations is to set some behavioral rules for the little ones. It is crucial to ensure that they are behaving properly. Make them understand that their unusual behavior is not good and they should obey the rules created by their parents.
  • Communicating with the little ones is important. Let them speak so that they can make you understand the situation they went through. Kids feel good when parents communicate with them. Re-assure them that it’s ok to talk about scary events.
  • If possible, play with them. Make them feel safe and happy. Parents and kids playing together can help your little one clarify a few unknown facts of their life.

No matter what, parents should always take care of their little one’s safety. Make every possible effort to help them with fruitful suggestions and encourage them so that they can move forward to reach their goals in life.


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