Tips for Getting Your Kids More Active All Year

Tips for Getting Your Kids More Active All Year

As per statistics, only 1 in 3 children are active every day and less than 50 percent of the time is spent in playing games.

Are you worried?

So am I! But like every other issue, this one has a solution too!

Parents can always play a key role in helping their child to become more active. Therefore, we’ve come up with a –

List to help you learn some easy to follow tricks on how to encourage the little ones to be active.

Walking and Talking:

As parents, we should always try hard to set a good example by being active. If your child is not okay with going outdoor, encourage him/her to join you for a walk. This will make them feel better and will serve as an encouraging factor as well.

Find A Fun Activity:

Help your child find a sport that he/she enjoys. The more she will find happiness in playing with that sport, you may not have to encourage him/her that much. He will find his way!

Turn off the TV:

If your child is fond of watching television, switch it off. Don’t let her do so for a long span of time. Make sure that she is taking interest in outdoor games and studies.

Make Time for Exercise:

Nowadays, children are overscheduled with homework, music lessons and other planned activities. It’s important to take some time out for exercise. Exercise is the best and the most effective way to regain physical strength and confidence.

Put activity into Forefront:

Organized sports have a role to play but everyday activities are the real game changers. Kids should be engaged in running, chasing a dog, shooting plucks- all those things that they simply can do without the guidance of any coach, no restrictions, no competition, etc. this will encourage them to take part in playground activities and spend more time with friends.

Providing Safe Environment:

It’s very important to find out whether the playground is safe for your little one or not. Before you allow them to play, ensure that there is safe playground equipment installed so that they can play without any discomfort and obstacles. Also, make sure that their clothing is comfortable.

Executing these tricks will definitely help your child play more and be more active. Along with playing, eating healthy is also necessary in order to lead a better life. As parents, you should always be sensitive to your kid’s interests when scheduling their activities.


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