Signs You Should Invest in Modern Playground Surfacing

Signs You Should Invest in Modern Playground Surfacing

A mandatory step in creating a safer playground is selecting the right surfacing solution and maintaining the same. Traditional playground surfacing involves a costly annual maintenance, with loads of other requirements. On the other hand, modern playground surfacing serves to be a cost-effective solution for long term, including rubber play tiles, wet pour rubber, and shock resistant turf products. The purpose of safety surface flooring for playgrounds is to protect the impact of a child’s accidental fall and reduce the harshness of an injury. Therefore, you need to be careful enough when choosing the surface flooring for playground.

Here we’ll share some of the essential signs that tells you when to invest in modern playground surfacing.

Cost & Maintenance:

With traditional surfacing solution, you need to replenish the bark for a couple of times. If you manage to keep it once a year, the costing will range high. Play bark or wood chip needs to be settled at a depth of 300m to assure child safety. In some situations when the bark blows onto paths and play areas, it becomes risky for the little ones, especially for those on scooters and skateboards. Sweeping the bark back into the designated area involves high costing. This is when you need modern surfacing solution.

They’re more consistent. Under high-wear areas, where it is tricky to maintain the perfect height, rubber tiles and wet pour surfacing stays in place and are easy to maintain. Modern surfacing secures benefits related to low maintenance, high safety rating, cutting edge features like design, color, and palettes.

Safety Hazard:

It’s not at all difficult to identify that your aged surface is becoming a danger zone for the kids. As already said, bark is biodegradable and will need frequent replacing and maintenance.

What about other forms of playground surfacing?

Wet Pour Rubber:

Wet pour rubber surfacing is made of high quality rubber and are noted for their longevity and performance. Problems can arise when lower quality products like EPDM are used.
Some common signs that will tell you about replacing the wet pour surfacing is when the surfacing wears through its top layer, because of high use.

Rubber Matting:

Rubber matting is a wonderful surfacing solution and is completely same as rubber tiles. This product is not that durable, because mats may pull apart or even rip. This is when you should replace the same.

Rubber Playground tiles:

This surfacing solution last longer than bark. When they age, the product becomes hard and they even lose shock absorbency. Sometimes, they become brittle and gets separated from one another. This is when you need to replace the product.

Muddy Mess:

If you’re having or using traditional playground surfacing, you must have noticed how the surface becomes muddy after it has been raining. This is a clear indication of replacing the surface flooring. As bark is biodegradable, it decomposes down within a short span of time making the area dirty and wet.

Lack of Liveliness:

Have you seen the kids are becoming disengaged with your playground? The reason may be lack of vitality or the same old design. It’s high time you upgrade the playground design. Adding a modern surfacing solution will do wonders. It will provide a necessary injection of color into your playground and will reignite the lost spark.


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