Remembering the Rules of Proper Playground Etiquette

Remembering the Rules of Proper Playground Etiquette

Playgrounds serve as the place or the platform where kids spend their quality time, exploring new things, meeting new people, and growing eventually. Beside all these, sometimes spending time at playgrounds doesn’t go well or smoothly. Too many kids in the playgrounds are often seen fighting with each other, older kids colliding with toddlers and what not. This is when and why they need guidance or some etiquette.

If you have a kid and you want him/her to behave properly when in a playground, here come some quicker etiquette tips for you and your child. These rules will surely help them act the better way.


Once your kids start playing, don’t divert your attention to something else. Make sure you keep a close watch on his/her activities. As a responsible parent, you should put in your effort to make him/her aware of safety measures while playing. Be ready to intervene when necessary.


It is extremely important to teach the little ones about the importance of sharing. Some kids don’t allow others to participate or use the equipments. This needs to be taken care of! We should always teach our juniors that sharing is the best way to move ahead. Encourage your little one to share and switch activities so that others can have fun and so as your kid.

#Choosing the Right Equipment:

Whether in school or public playground, ensure your kids play with the right equipments. Playing with wrong equipments may lead to injury. Inform this to your little one beforehand so that they choose equipments wisely. It is strictly recommended to adhere to the age limit.

#Don’t Throw Sand or Chips:

When kids get their hands on sand and chips, their first instinct is to toss a handful of it in the air; especially when everyone is around them. Throwing sand is okay but not on other’s face. This is indeed a bad habit!

#Apologize For Misdeeds:

You should always encourage your kids to say sorry for a misdeed. Even if they hurt someone accidentally or did something without knowing, saying sorry can calm down the situation. Teach your child empathy.

At the playground, every parent or caregiver has to look after their own child. It’s is completely your responsibility to take care of your little one and make things work accordingly. Don’t support your child when he/she had done something wrong. Let them learn from their mistakes.


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