Playground Flooring Safety: The Ultimate Guide

Playground Flooring Safety: The Ultimate Guide

With kids getting involved in more outdoor activities, you need to ensure that the playgrounds are safe enough for them. Choosing the right playground surface is necessary as that what provides protection from serious injury during fall. No matter whether it’s a school or a public park, the decision of choosing the right surface flooring is extremely crucial. This is a serious matter that needs proper attention.

There are a few things or points that one needs to keep in mind when selecting playground flooring. Here we’ve summed up the below points:

• Safety
The primary concern when choosing surface for playground should always be safety. More than 70 percent of the injuries that occur on playgrounds are because of fall to the surface. This is why the flooring you choose must be safe from all the possible areas. To ensure children safety, compare test reports of different manufacturers and find out the result.

• Accessibility
The next point to consider is accessibility. A properly designed playground will have all the design elements for children of all abilities and accessibilities. Conversely and properly installed materials maintain their accessibility without additional maintenance charge.

• Cost
Pricing is important. Whether it’s interlocking rubber tiles or wood fiber, every product has different price. Fixing a proper budget will help you choose product accordingly. No matter what, don’t compromise with the quality of the product. If you’re purchasing engineered wood fiber, it’s important to check with the specific requirements for size, clearance, and purity. Compare prices as that would help you get what you paid for.

• Long Term Value
The durability of surface flooring is important. Make sure that the surface flooring you chose is durable enough to serve for a long pan of time. Dealing with a quality manufacturer will help you with this. Evaluating synthetic materials can present a bigger challenge because of the availability. It’s necessary to give careful attention to such products.

Types of surface flooring

Take a glance at the four type of surface flooring so that you can understand their benefits and functionality.

Turf: One of the best things to use is turf. This is soft and clean for the kids to play on. This can be expensive.
Rubber mulch: The next popular flooring to name is rubber mulch. This is available in home improvement store and you can simply dump it on the ground.
Rubber tile: Rubber tile is also a popular type of surface flooring. This is going to give a more defined flooring surface. This flooring type is safe for the little ones.
Sand – The easiest type of playground flooring to install is sand. Sand is used in many playgrounds and is easy to dump it on grounds.


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