Play Activities for school-age children

Play Activities That Every School Should Include for Children

A school is undoubtedly a great place for kids to explore and learn a lot. On the other hand, play is the key to learn how to gel with others and how to fit in. It’s a fact that play is central to your child’s overall development and well being. When it comes to playing games, school goers are much more sophisticated. They are capable of playing complex games, juggle multiple roles, and also enjoy the challenge of solving strategies.

Here are some amazing play ideas for kids in early school years. Do take a quick glance;

• Recycle Objects

Picking objects from recycling bin and making it into something is an art. Help your child transform a cereal box into something that flies. This activity is great for understanding the world and the environment, how things are made, environmental awareness, manual dexterity and much more.

• Bike Riding

School goers should learn riding bikes and other wheeled toys. Allow them to play in the cubby house or local playgrounds with friends. Playing with the right equipment is important as that what promotes their social and cognitive skills.

• Creativity

Activities like threading beads and string, making puppets, painting, and making prints with sponges or toothbrushes are fun for both boys and girls.
Dress-up games are amazingly fun. Such activities let your little ones explore and utter emotions and test several roles.

• Musical Play

Activities like dancing to music, making or playing homemade instruments are good for expressing emotions and imagination.

• Sidewalk chalk

You can add some educational slant to this popular activity by allowing your little one do their homework in chalk on the driveway.

• Blanket Volleyball

Make separate teams; each having four players and give each player a blanket. Teams must use their blankets to launch and catch the ball. This fun-filled activity involves loads of fun and body movement. You can set up this game with two teams to make the most of it.

If you are willing to keep your child engaged in some more structured play activities; here are some ideas
Playing outdoor games
• Doing puzzles and jigsaws
• Playing card games
Playing musical instruments
• Helping you with household work

At this age, kids are active enough to enjoy screen time. Therefore, you can allow them a little bit to play video games or watch their favorite shows on TV. Don’t allow them to spend too much time in front of screens like phones, tablets, and television as this can lead to sleeping troubles and much more. If they are playing at schools, ensure that the school playground equipments are safe and kid-friendly.


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