Outdoor play for different ages

Outdoor play for different ages

As your little one grows, his/her playing styles and preference vary accordingly. Right from his first step to his first day at school, the changes he goes through in life as well as in the surroundings are best armored through play.
Here we have summed up a guideline for what to expect at each developmental stage.
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1) Play for Toddlers

Toddlers aged between 1-3 years are known for being great explorers of the surroundings and objects within their reach. Safety is a prime concern as the toddlers need safe places to play. This is when they start enjoying climbing, running and sliding. Outdoor play for your toddler should include:

Play suggestions

• Water play
• Plastic scooter and wheeled toys
• Playing in sand and mud
• Different type of swings like tyre swings that can hold them safely
• Stories and interactive books
• Tents, dens
• Soft toys, teddies, small cars, and balls

2) Play for Preschooler

At this particular age, children are often seen interacting with other friends; which literally develops their social skills.
The little ones learn how to maintain a social relationship with other children. Their “fantasy play” allows them to explore roles, channel emotions and “make sense” of their world. A preschooler’s play shows their growing skills of speech, physical agility, and small muscle coordination; their play enhances these skills.

Play Suggestions

• Climbing, balancing, and park play.
• Safe parks having right outdoor play equipment is needed for the preschoolers
• Safe surrounding to explore; observing plants, animal farms, insects, and pets
• Riding small bikes and sturdy scooters
• Hopping, chasing and even simple card games
• Water play, which even includes learning to swim

3) Play for Middle Childhood: 6-12 years

At this age, children are normally restricted to formal sports at schools and clubs. Too many children turn to computers and video games at this particular age. Unfortunately, these don’t provide the holistic development they need. Children’s play needs to be facilitated in public parks so that they can explore things the better way. This is the phase when social play groups are bigger and kids are often seen having cruel negotiations. Children start playing away from home and this sometimes results in risky activities.

Play suggestions

• Skipping elastic jumping, indigenous games
• Craft skills; sewing, knitting, toy making
• Bike riding
• Swimming and water play

One should never restrict his/her child to play outdoor games because playing outside gives your child the opportunity to explore and learn a lot. Outdoor play is a big part of healthy growth and well-being for your child.


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