Outdoor Games Profoundly Impact Sustainable Child Development

Outdoor Games Profoundly Impact Sustainable Child Development

Today with increase in population and unstoppable development of concrete jungle, there is very little space that is left out for children to play outdoor sports. Now-a-days even schools have smaller play grounds. Increase and easy availability of electronic gadgets are making kids of this generation couch potatoes, which increases the risk of health hazards and also is a hindrance in the overall physical and mental development of a child.

It is time we transform and direct our children back to playgrounds where they communicate with actual humans as friends, run, laugh and share thoughts making childhood memories. After home, playgrounds must be a place where children should love to spend a lot of time. Play grounds give a great feasibility for outdoor games, like basket ball, football, cricket, tennis, badminton etc. This not only has the ability to make your child physically fit, but it also tends to play an impactful role on the overall mental and personal development. There are many aspects that can be imbibed in a child when he or she is on the playground playing games. Outdoor play equipments by Replay play a special role in child development.

Below are few highlights of outdoor games and why every parent should give equal importance rather than just pressurize kids to be book worms.


Outdoor activities work like fun exercise in the life of kids; it not only makes them happy but also increases physical ability and strength.

Independent & Responsible

Playing outdoors gives kids an opportunity to meet different kids and different people. Where there is a lot of scope to learn new and variety of things. Being outdoors also makes kids responsible and independent.

Mental development

Outdoor games are the most interactive books where children can learn important lessons of life unknowingly. Playing outdoor games definitely is the best way to increase mental development of children.

Increase in appetite

Open spaces allow kids to be physically active. On open playgrounds kids, run, shout, jump and physically challenge their stamina which increases their appetite and also makes them sleep well, which is very important for overall development. These physical activities also form healthy habits.

Good decision making ability

On open spaces, kids use outdoor play equipments to play sports and while in a game they are very competitive. Quick and logical decisions are very important for these tiny tots to win their game. Initially these decisions are small, but as times goes by the same decision making power makes a difference.

Positivity towards failures

When children play outdoors, they many a times win or lose a game. This means they get accustomed to the ups and downs of life; outdoor games give children the ability to take failures positively.

Child Psychologists also promote outdoor games and activities for kids of all age. It is the best technique to keep the mind active and helps in a 360 degree development.


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