Options for Home Gym Flooring

Options for Home Gym Flooring

Home gym flooring is essential as it converts the concrete and another flooring into a comfortable space. To make the gym area functional and relaxing, you need to select the right surface flooring option. A large variety of surface flooring options are available to select from. If you’re facing issues while selecting, here for you is the list to help you with the best options.

Take a glance at the four interesting flooring options for your home;

Carpet Tiles Flooring

Undoubtedly, carpet is the most popular flooring option for a home gym. They’re relatively cheap, durable, and are easy to clean and maintain. There are basically two types of carpet options available; low pile carpet and commercial grade carpet. Low pile carpet is the best in areas where exercise takes place and commercial grade carpets are comfortable as they have tight-knit loops. Carpet tiles are always more resilient and are easy to manage. These tiles are easy to install.

Rubber Flooring

The next convenient option for a home gym is rubber flooring. Available in wide range of color options, rubber flooring is durable and is suitable enough for home users who lift heavy weights or have heavy cardio and weight equipment.
Rubber is also naturally antimicrobial and will not harbor mold, fungi or any mildew growth. Tough EPDM surface flooring doesn’t absorb water; it makes an amazing gym flooring solution. EPDM Rubber is also an excellent sound insulator and helps keep home quiet during the workout.

Foam Flooring

This is the most sold in flooring option for a home gym. Referred to as soft tiles, foam tiles can be easily installed by homeowners. Available in many thicknesses and colors, foam flooring is easy to clean and is low in cost. Foam flooring offers enough comfort and cushion and is perfect for athletes who do a lot of floor work out. This flooring is loved by all because of the safe surface and excellent shock absorption qualities. Because of being lightweight and portable, you can use this flooring type as an interlocking floor mat. This is perfect for yoga, pilates, and aerobics.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are basically used as garage floor tiles. They are naturally flexible and their long-lasting quality makes them the best for a home gym. Available in plenty of colors, vinyl tiles feel very much like rubber as they’ve similar cushioning qualities like rubber.

Easy to clean, vinyl tiles are resistant to mold and mildew growth. They are the excellent choice for garage home gyms.

Before you take your final decision on a flooring option for a home gym, it’s better you consult with an equipment manufacturing company. Make sure that you’ve selected the right one in order to make your home gym comfortable & relaxing. Fix your own budget and then start with your search.


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