multi-generational outdoor gym

multi-generational outdoor gym

Replay a brand of Raj Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd. is located in beautiful orange city Nagpur, Maharashtra since 1992, is fighting obesity and improving the communities overall wellness by installing outdoor fitness zones that are free for public use

Replay has been enthusiastically embraced by communities across India for its high quality and multi-generational outdoor gym equipment. Replay has seen great success in helping to build healthy communities, bringing free exercise to low income neighborhoods and helping to fight the national obesity epidemic.
Situated often near children’s playgrounds, outdoor gyms encourage parents to use them while their kids play.
These gyms appeal to individuals who normally struggle to find the time or money to attend a regular gym, and are even new to exercise.

Replay aspires to make communities play once again in fresh air using its open gym
equipment, which are made keeping in mind the potential wear and tear of a city environment with the dreams of an active, healthy and happy India

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