Life Lessons You Can Only Learn Playing on the Playground

Life Lessons You Can Only Learn Playing on the Playground

Playtime plays a crucial role in our life, during the early years. Parents and educators believe that playtime is the way for children to have fun, and enjoy their good time with friends. Research says that playtime has a profound and a strong impact that lasts throughout.
There are actually many benefits of play for children. Playtime gives children the chance to interact, make friends, explore their skills, learn new things and work on physical, social and sensory development.
This content will help you know about the lessons that kids get to learn while they play. Playground encourages them to learn a lot of things that make them a better person.

Below mentioned are some of those lessons. Do have a look;

Leadership development:

In the structured play, parents are leaders. But in unstructured play, kids take the opportunity of being a leader or divide leadership roles as needed. Free play encourages leadership qualities by developing emotional intelligence and by helping the little ones understand the importance of communication. If kids want to play with other kids, they need to be able to integrate their ideas and influence others to see the rules, their way.


Free play encourages the little ones to make up their own games and structure their own activities. With open-ended playground equipment, they are free to do whatever they can. This is when they invent new games, centered on the swings. Either way, free play motivates children to become an author and gets indulged in their own activities.

An outlet for energy:

One of the finest benefits of outdoor play is that it helps children do a lot of exercises. This results in good health. Younger children may have higher energy which affects their ability to focus on activities important for their cognitive development. Free play gives them an outlet for energy so that they can better focus on other activities.

Teach independence:

Free play helps little ones to be independent. As parents don’t interfere with their activities, kids are free to take their own decisions and manage their issues. This helps them become self-dependent. Children who spend more time in structured play had a lower level of such skills.

Improve Responsibility:

During the early days of life, the brain develops as children take risks and see the results. In a structured play, children may not be taking many risks but in free play, kids have to take more decisions and responsibilities. If a child struggles while playing with playground equipment, they can learn from this experience and also see how their actions lead to results.

Besides these lessons, there are much more which kids learn on a playground. Read the points below;

• Learn to handle confrontation
• Manages the rat race of competition
• Work with diversity
• Organize groups
• Co-operate with others and work together
• Social skills
• Physical skills


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