Is your Playground Safe for Children?

Is your Playground Safe for Children?

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year more than 200,000 children get admitted to hospital because of playground injury. Children safety should be your prime concern and thus, it’s necessary to keep some crucial points in mind. The evolution of playground is great, but you need to ensure its safety as well. Here we’ve come up with some must-to-consider factors when choosing a playground for your little one.

• Children Safety Surface Flooring

Blacktop, Concrete, packed earth, grass; these are some of the surfaces that are not good or suitable for children. Falls cause more than 75 percent of injury. If your playground has a hard surface, it’s better not to allow your kid to play over there.

Surfaces like sand, rubber tiles, and mats are far better and they provide protection if they’re well maintained in all directions. There are many manufacturing companies which provide children safety flooring for parks and playgrounds. Such products are easy to handle.

• Outdoor Play Equipments

Installing the right playground equipment is important. No matter what, checking with the play equipments is always important. Make sure that the bolts have not loosened and wood hasn’t splintered. Remove old and unsafe equipment. Openings in equipment should be smaller and do check that the fall zone around the equipment is clear enough to provide a soft landing for your child.

• Keep An Eye On Their Activities

It’s your responsibility to help your child stay within his/her physical abilities. Every playground should have signage to tell you what ages the equipments are designed for. Some of the equipments that are strictly prohibited for kids are fulcrum see saws, log rolls, free standing arch climbers, and chain and cable walks.

Tips for Safety When Playing on Playground

Below are some safety tips for your little one;

• Dress: Make sure that your child is wearing something simple while going for play. They should not have loose clothing that may get caught on playground equipment.
Shoes: Wearing the right pair of shoe is important. If possible, make them wear athletic shoes as that what allows good grip on climbing equipment.
• Sharing: You should teach your child to share equipments and play together. This promotes social skills to a huge extent.

Other Helpful Tips

Take a glance at some helpful suggestions that might help your little one from injury or accidents


• Survey on which playground equipment is right for your little one
• Remind your community leaders of National Playground Safety Week
• Kids should always be supervised by teachers

No matter what, parents are always worried about their child’s safety. Checking with the above points will surely help the little ones lead a better life.


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