Inclusive Playground Equipment for Children with Disabilities

Inclusive Playground Equipment for Children with Disabilities

Each and every child has the right to play. A playground is where kids get to learn a lot of things that help them grow the better way. With things getting superior in certain ways, playgrounds have now become advanced and feature all the necessary equipment that may help disabled kids to move further. This is the reason why playground manufacturers are coming up with their exclusive range of inclusive playground equipment; designed especially for kids with special needs.

Manufacturers are putting their best effort in creating smart inclusive playgrounds; so that playtime becomes fun even for disabled kids.

Inclusive Playground Equipments for Unstructured Play

Playtime help kids of all ages and ability to grow physically, mentally and socially. If your child is disabled, and he doesn’t prefer socializing, encourage him for inclusive playground activities. Manufacturers design inclusive playground with the need of every user in mind, caregivers with disabilities can even move or play with other structures easily.

Benefits of Using Inclusive Playgrounds

• Motor Skills: From sliding to climbing to running to crawling, inclusive playgrounds help kids strengthen muscles. Kids and caregivers with difficulty in the movement will find wheelchair-accessible playgrounds, having activities that will let them enjoy.
• Social Skills: Children with disabilities can play easily on an inclusive playground structure. Such playgrounds feature areas designed for co-operative, imaginative, and interactive activities. This helps children of all abilities to spend time together.
• Sensory Skills: Inclusive playground areas feature cozy spaces, auditory, and visual features that will help children develop their senses well.

Importance of Inclusive Playgrounds

According to child development experts, families and educators, inclusive playgrounds support health development in children of all ages and abilities. Manufacturers are giving extra effort to serve customers better. With inclusive play equipments, children are likely to enjoy the benefits of creativity, exploration, fitness, and fun. Modern inclusive playgrounds are feasible for all.

Generally speaking, two types of inclusive playgrounds are usually developed;
• Early childhood playground: This particular playground is designed for children aged between 6 months to 5 years to help kids develop necessary developmental skills.
• Innovative playgrounds: Let your kids explore the outdoor world with inclusive playgrounds and equipments. Such playgrounds are helpful for kids to develop balance, coordination, and problem-solving skills.

Most Loved Inclusive Playground Equipments

If you are planning for inclusive playground for your special child, these are some of the equipments to install;
• Ball Pool
• Climber
• Crawling Tunnel
• Play Panel
• Sand Play


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