Advantages of Having Inclusive Playgrounds

How Inclusive Playgrounds Benefit All Children

Play is learning! The more you’ll allow your little one to play, the more they’ll learn. Playgrounds play a positive role in everyone’s life, including kids with disabilities. But many playgrounds lack proper or handicap playground equipment to accommodate disable kids. All they need is the right guidance when projecting a playground for a school, or a park or in any other property. It’s always better to consider building an inclusive playground. Inclusive playgrounds are safest and the happiest place for the disable kids to explore, learn, socialize, and have fun.

An inclusive play is all about helping all children regardless of their ability, gender, and age by allowing the same opportunities to discover and have fun. This is where disabled kids are provided with the opportunity to gel with other kids and focus more on their similarities.

Check with the benefits of having inclusive playground:

Developmental Benefits: Inclusive playgrounds allow children to acquire the developmental benefits of physical play. Their brains start developing from a small age and they continue to develop through adolescence. Physical play promotes social skills, problem-solving skill, decision making skill, language development, self-confidence and good health.

Boosting Creativity: Inclusive playgrounds encourage creativity as well as imagination by involving the mind in sensory-rich activities. The inclusive elements or the equipments are versatile enough allowing kids to utilize them in many ways. Color, sound, texture, accessibility; all these elements create an imaginative and creative experience for the kids.

Encourage Diversity: Inclusive playgrounds develop acceptance, tolerance, and diversity in kids. Giving equal opportunity to everyone, interact with each other and learn new things help them introduce to diversity at a young age. Allowing a kid to play while sitting in a wheelchair, changes his perception of seeing someone who is different than him.

Develops a Sense of Community: An Inclusive playground is a place where children, aged people, and individuals come together to play, discover, interact and have fun. Kids with disabilities are allowed to play in an inclusive playground. This creates a sense of unity and builds communication.


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