Five Steps to A Fun, Inspiring and Active Outdoor Area for All Ages

Five Steps to A Fun, Inspiring and Active Outdoor Area for All Ages

Nowadays, kids are mostly seen playing indoor. They usually prefer watching television and playing with video games, rather than going outside. This is one of the reasons why they’re suffering from obesity and many other health issues.

Playtime is important for every child and parents should always encourage them to get involved in outdoor activities. The best you can do is build an active play area for kids of all ages. This will surely help every child spend the best moment of their lives in the play area.

Building a play area is not that easy, as you need to focus on certain factors while doing so. Here we have come up with a list that comprises of some efficient tips to consider when starting the design;

The best and the most effective way to design playground for kids of all ages is to make them inclusive. It is necessary to consider children and adults having different physique and abilities in all design aspects, no matter whether they are cultural or motoric.

Sometimes, you just need to think out of the box. Installing play and sports equipment in the play area is not enough. Think about something creative. You can simply make the safety surfaces blue and make it look like waves. To make the play area look natural, implement nature within the park with trees, rocks, and real like grass.

If the parents can have fun in the park, so will the children. It is not always necessary for the adults to have their own set of equipment. In many countries, they use QR signage with traditional play equipment with a personal trainer, who will help adult perform their outdoor training sessions.

If you’re planning not to install carousels and other fast running equipment, don’t do that. Spinning is one of the best and the most joyful experiences in parks. This is good for brains and evolvement of their sense of balance.

Don’t experiment too much with heights. Most kids are not okay with heights and therefore it’s better not to install something that has much to do with height. Don’t dull the playgrounds with fear of risks as that may make the play area less attractive. Install children’s play equipment that is innovative and at the same time will help grow physically and mentally.

So, these were some of the crucial factors that one must consider when designing a play area for kids. No matter what, active play is important for children to grow and it can help immensely in developing healthy habits of your children. Below mentioned are the benefits of active play

• Lower risk of developing chronic diseases
• Less stress and anxiety
• Better posture
• Development of strong muscles
• Improved creativity
• Stronger self-confidence

Educating your little one to be more active starts from home. It is the responsibility of parents to encourage their little ones to play outdoor with friends as that what helps them grow physically, socially and mentally.


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