Combating Childhood Obesity By Playing Outside

Combating Childhood Obesity By Playing Outside

Childhood obesity has become one of the most talked about issues in the recent years. Obesity in children and adults is also considered as a significant risk factor for cardiac disease, high blood pressure, sugar, etc. In such a scenario, all you need is the right guidance regarding how to combat obesity and help kids lead a better life. So here we come with some suggestions for you.

This blog would surely help you know about the steps you need to follow in order to help the little ones stay fit & fine.

As per a recent report, children tend to spend more time in front of a screen and not outdoor. It is necessary to make your children understand the benefits of physical activity. Playing outdoor is the best way to reduce fat, strengthen bones, and increase self-esteem.

How to Help your Children?

If your little one is spending most of the time indoor, you should motivate him/her to play outdoor games; help him find activities they like such as dancing, skipping and much more. Joining a football club or swimming or athletics ensures good health. Every child is not similar and hence you should help them accordingly. Kids who are not capable of swimming and all can take part in other outdoor games like running, hide & seek, flying saucer, and much more.

It is not only about outdoor games; getting involved in outdoor activities like pruning & weeding, digging the soil, pushing and pulling wheelbarrows, etc is also helpful.

Take a glance at some of the essential to-dos in order to help children combat obesity

• Say No To Screens: Make sure that they don’t watch TV for a long period of time. Try hard to divert their attention and motivate them to spend that time playing outside with friends.
• Arrange for an outdoor play box: Stock with hats, gloves, wellies and all that they need for going outside year round. Keep it by the door so that they don’t find any excuse for not going outside.
• Take Care of the Outdoor Space: It’s necessary to keep the outdoor space clean and safe for the little ones. Make space look good and encouraging so that they feel the urge to play.
• Invest in Outdoor Play Equipment: Choosing the right outdoor play equipment is always important. Reach a reliable play equipment manufacturer to get the best products for your little one.
• Play Together: Make an effort to play with the little ones whenever you get time. Talk to them about what they enjoy and offer incentives on that. Make the game exciting for them so that they feel good.
• Trust Your Kids: Don’t over protect them always. This can make them feel bad. They’ll learn from their mistakes. Allow them with that space and time.

Obesity is not a chronic disease. Taking part in outdoor activities is the most effective & encouraging way to deal with it. The idea is to make kids feel good about outdoor play and parents are entitled with the responsibility to take care of this matter.


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