Amazing Facts about Playground Surface Flooring | Children Safety Surface Flooring

Amazing Facts about Playground Surface Flooring | Children Safety Surface Flooring

Kids usually spent most of their time in playgrounds. This is why it is utmost essential to keep the playgrounds safe & secured for them. No matter whether it’s in school or nursery playground; safety is first and the most crucial factor to consider. The primary goal should always be to make sure that kids will not be hurt if they fall over while playing. This is why you need to take care of the surfacing and make it safe.

Wondering how to do so or how to manage? Read this blog and boost your knowledge.
The purpose of safer surfacing is to protect the impact of a child’s accidental fall and reduce the harshness of injury. Thanks to advancement in technology, equipment manufacturers are now able to offer surfacing which not only provides a safe platform for equipments but also make the area look attractive. Some of the finest surfacing options to consider are rubber mulch, grass look, and wet pour.

Let’s find out which one is the best option for children safety surface flooring;

• Playground Mulch

Playground Rubber Mulch is the easier and safer option to go for. This option gives you fall protection of loose fill with none of the downsides. Rubber mulch won’t absorb water. This surface flooring is eco-friendly and is easy on eyes and feet. When it comes to maintenance, the surface flooring is easy to maintain because there is virtually nothing that you need to take care of. The thickness of mulch flooring co-relates to the height safety rating.

• Playground Tiles

Do You Consider Your Playground Safe?
Easy to install, tiles surfacing are the most durable and convenient option. They provide shock absorption for big falls and even great traction for little feet. No matter where your children play, these tiles will certainly give your space an attractive safety boost. These tiles come in every color you want it to be. Installing playground tiles make the area look colorful and vibrant. It’s better to go for thicker tiles as they’ve higher safety ratings.

• Wet Pour Surfacing

Surfacing options for Playground safety
One of the best safety surfaces to get installed in the playground area is the wet pour surfacing. Wet pour is made up of EPDM rubber granules, mixed with a binder. Available in plenty of colors, installing the flooring will create a fun play area for children. The best part of having this surface flooring is that it requires low maintenance. If in any case, the flooring gets damaged, you can repair it easily.

Have you decided on the option you want to get installed in your nearby play area? You just need to consult a playground equipment manufacturer and the rest will be done by them.


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