6 Steps to The Perfect Playground Equipment Installation

6 Steps to The Perfect Playground Equipment Installation

One of the happiest and funniest days for your kids is when you decide to install playground equipment. Playgrounds play a crucial role in determining the growth of a child’s future. This is where the kids have fun, or they socialize with other kids. Playgrounds serve as a platform that helps them grow physically, socially and mentally. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take good care of playgrounds and make it a safer place.

Installing playground equipment is not that easy as you need to consider a few factors while doing so. The first three factors that you should focus on are;

• The budget and creative concept
• Location and safety surface
• Choosing right play equipment

After you’re done with deciding on the three factors, you’re ready to choose the kind of installation you want to have on the playground.
Choose from the below-mentioned installation method.

• Self- performed installation
• Supervised installation
• Professional installation

Self -Performed Installation

This type of installation is performed by the person who has bought the equipment and is not a professional. This is the cheapest way of installation and is the riskiest. There are many companies that withhold the warranty because the equipment was self-installed. One thing you must take care of is both you and your volunteers are strong enough to handle the project.
Here are a few things that you must know before starting the installation procedure:
• You may not receive any installation warranty
• The equipment will arrive in a truck and the driver will not help you offloading and installing the products
• You may have to clear your site of trees or rocks on the surface

Supervised Playground Installation

This play equipment installation procedure is expensive but cheaper than professional installation. You can have volunteers from the community to help build community pride. This will encourage people to maintain the playground equipment and feel responsible for building it. This will also create a sense of stewardship and will result in getting better services from the owners and community people. You can decide on the number of volunteers you want to help with the installation process.

Professional Installation

This type of installation is performed by professionals and certified installers, delivering quality service. They come with the selective playground equipment and layout the surface where installation takes place. The professionals working on the project are entitled with the responsibility to assemble the equipment as per manufacturer’s specifications. Some of the installation packages even include surface preparation. The warranty period lasts for one year. Professional play equipment manufacturers in India are efficient enough to manage the installation part, offering a safer and better play environment. You just need to find one and let them know your requirements.


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