5 Playground Activities That Can Help Your Child’s Development

5 Playground Activities That Can Help Your Child’s Development

We always talk about how environment plays a crucial role in shaping the way our kids play and practically speaking, there’s no better childhood environment than the playground. Kids should always manage time for playground activities as this is when they become accustomed to the surrounding and the people.

These days, with so many types of teenage playground equipment’s available, it becomes easier for the kids to choose their favorite one. They have so many options to choose from. Let them play and participate in the playground activities as that what promotes their skills. According to a study, watching your little one trying to learn to hop on one foot is actually motivating his/her brain cells.

Whether a child is just learning to walk or looking for some more movement, there are activities for everyone. We have created a list that includes some of the best playground activities for the little ones. Have a look;

Hopped-up Hopscotch:
This is a fantastic way to forge some neutral pathways in the brain. It becomes more interesting if you add different rules and make it more engaging for the little ones. Start with a chalk and a flat drive away. Its better you draw the traditional two-one-two square configuration and guide him how to hop with two feet to one feet and vice-versa.

The Alphabet Challenge:
It’s amazing to be a part of the mash-up alphabet competition. It’s a way to challenge yourself and your child to write alphabet using the non-dominant hands. To make the game more challenging write a letter with dominant hands and then make its mirror image with non-dominant hands. This improves the visual and spatial skills and also makes you feel happy at the end.

Hop on a Swing:
There are many ways to use swings which results in development of a wide range of skills in kids. Some of the favorite swing games for kids are Tornado, Tug of War, Tower Tumble, Hide & Seek and Shake Down. Swing games are perfect for the little ones to spend some more time in the playgrounds. Participating in swing games promotes strength, visual processing and social skills as well.

Crazy Jacks:
The perfect rainy day game! Playing this game is an excellent way to improve hand-eye coordination and test mental insight. The crazy bouncing ball makes the game more interesting and exciting. Add some rubber bands to the standard jacks, ball and voila. You need to keep your eye on the ball to scoop up the jacks and take the catch. Interchanging left and right hand catches increases the risk factor, and challenges both young and old to improve mind-body communication.

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